Thirdstage On Edge 102.1 Indie Band Site!

Posted on 22nd August 2011 by Geo in Blogs and Stuff

My band Thirdstage is now up on the Edge 102.1 Indie Band site! Check us out and please Vote!!!!

Thirdstage Awsome new Album “Cages”

Posted on 31st July 2011 by Geo in Blogs and Stuff

Have a listen for free or download the new awesome Thirdstage Album Cages!

ISMS – Just Awesome!

Posted on 24th July 2011 by Geo in Blogs and Stuff

ISMS by writer Kevin Bertazzon and narrated by Peter Atkins writer of Hellraiser II, Hellraiser III and Wishmaster with backgrounds and additional character art and design by me, is on the iTunes store and it’s just Awesome!

ISMS - Just Awesome!

Speed Drawing – Sci-fi piece in nk and brush with no pencils or layout!

Posted on 10th July 2011 by Geo in Blogs and Stuff

ISMS – A Faery Mobster Story is out July 14

Posted on 9th July 2011 by Geo in Blogs and Stuff

The most awesome ibook / app ever : ISMS- a faery mobster story. The coolest ibook event this millennium! don’t miss it!

Poison Ivy

Posted on 23rd June 2011 by Geo in Blogs and Stuff

This exquisite Poison Ivy piece will be up for auction soon on eBay. I will re-post here to let you all know when it is up with a direct link to it just for you! Keep an eye out for it, this ones definitely a real beauty and should be up very soon! Good luck!

Win Original Art!

Posted on 20th June 2011 by Geo in Blogs and Stuff

My friends at Stadium Comics are holding a contest on there weekly show Unboxing Wednesdays where you can win ORIGINAL ART BY ME (that i kindly donated for the stadium contest)! It’s a cool weekly show for those who would like to keep up with whats new in comics. Check it out!

Canadian Superhero The Canadian Shield!

Posted on 17th June 2011 by Geo in Blogs and Stuff

I just found a design I did years back of a Canadian Superhero. This was actually based on a character I created when I was a kid that was totally inspired by Captain Canuck (Loved that comic!). This of coarse is a newer rendition of my character. I believe I imagined this could be a new Captain Canuck design by the text on the page (If Comely was interested – If you are Richard, just contact me through this site!:D) but I think I settled with “The Canadian Shield”! The name “The Sentinel” isn’t too bad either. Oddly enough the original name for my Canadian flag waring character I created as a kid was Guardian until I found out that Alpha Flight’s Vindicator was also known as Guardian so I changed the name to Sentinel (Loved Byrnes run on Alpha Flight). Very timely finding this piece with the recent return of Alpha Flight, so here is my Canadian superhero character design – The Canadian Shield! (Also known as The Sentinel) 😀

The Bear Stories Interview!

Posted on 30th May 2011 by Geo in Blogs and Stuff

Here is an interview co-creator on The Bear Stories Chris and I did for City TV’s EP (Electric Playground) daily. Check it out and also check out our new weekly strip called The B.S. Strips at

New Speed Drawing Speedier Version!

Posted on 26th May 2011 by Geo in Blogs and Stuff